Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Update

Been busy with Flash! Friday evening, I put him in the cute and brushed again, seems like this is the only way I can convince him I won't "eat" him. Lead in the round pen, also he had developed a taste for grain! Didn't eat too much (had leftovers of a 1/2 scoop)but loves that hay!I've started feeding him when possible instead of the girls doing it for me. (sometimes is sucks to have to work!)But when I feed him, I open his pen and go inside, he watches me like a hawk making sure to stay on the other end of the pen. I wash out his water bucket while in his pen so he has to "deal" with me for periods of time! Then I leave to go get his grain or hay and when I return, I go back inside the pen....we're gonna be best of friends!Oh yeah, and Friday was my husband and I's 5th year anniversary, so training was not long, we decided to go out for a while (we NEVER do that!)instead of spending the night at home.....we had a great time, and thanks Robert for a wonderful 5 years of marriage! You're the BEST! I love you.....

Saturday we basically did the same routine, but it's getting easier and easier to get him into the chute for his "touching session". I'm able to get a good rub between his eyes without him throwing his head back, now. I see progress....slow and steady!

Sunday we decided to use the "helping hand" while in the chute. I was able to touch spots I haven't been before and even down the front legs. However about the 5th time I did go down his front leg, he decided that the hand might eat him and began striking it! Put the "hand" where we've already accepted it and then removed...enough for now, concentrate on my hand and rubbing. We went to the round pen and did our leading....he did really well. I notice that I can get my hand all the way down to the clamp where the lead rope is folded over behind the clip as long as I don't "look at him", when I look at him, he freezes! This is the closest I've been in the round pen to him! I do see progress! I think by the end of this week, he'll be over his fears of humans and we can get to training! I'm so excited to see him come along....I do have a picture of me holding the lead rope almost under his chin!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This was Tuesday night's lead. Yesterday we had RAIN!!! Yes I said RAIN!! Since our working pen is outside, I gave him the night off so we didn't slip and get hurt....I can't wait to see if the lesson "stuck" since we had a break!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well, we finally did it! We are in the primative stages of leading!! (with a little help from my husband) Flash is beginning to see that we are not so bad up close. I was able to be about 2-3 foot down the lead rope from him without incident. Each day I see progress in him. I have a feeling that in a couple of weeks I'll look back and try to remember the day when he didn't want any part of me! Pictures of leading will post later today (camera at home)! He did AWESOME for me!

Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 09

Today we just worked in the round pen, trying to see if he would come closer to me. I put a feed dish with alfalfa cubes in it right in the middle of the round pen. He walked up and investigated but didn't eat. When he faces me he looks as if to say, "what is it you want??" I am feeling better about him being so nervous. We will just have to wait patiently to come to the agreement that we want to be together when he's ready. I have decided that Flash is his name! He can run! Love my little guy and can't wait until he trusts me!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today I skipped round pen, and we went straight into the chute for a halter. He was a little nervous getting out of our "routine", but did good. So as usual, I began by petting his jaw, he seems okay if I start there. From the jaw, the neck, to the withers. Gave the halter to my husband on the right side of him and of course he looked away from him which put him looking at me. He didn't want that either, so he looked back to the center at which time my husband got the halter around his nose and together we tied it on. With brush in hand, I let him smell it and began using it at the jaw (familiar place for him). Proceeded with brush with little resistance and went to the offside and began to brush over there. As soon as he knew it was the same on both sides, he settled down. I brushed all the way down to his rump and put a little pressure on his back to simulate saddle, he turned his head and looked, that was it! I think tomorrow, we'll do the same again and hopefully he remembers that nothing hurts! We'll round pen after a petting session and see how that goes! I feel good about our time today!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18, 2009

Well! I found out my horse is very smart. My daughters watched him untie a rope to get to my husband's horse! They said he pulls on it first, and if no luck, then he pushes on it until success! I was able to take off his neck tag, so we are making some progress....I was able to pet down his neck almost to his withers and a little rub between the eyes! We're getting there!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17, 2009

We are able to get closer and when put in the chute for touching, he's not shaking as much as before. Every day I see little progresses. Soon the day will come where his fears are gone.

Tuesday June 16

worked with my guy again, round pens really well, still nervous about touching. As soon as we have this behind us, we'll be able to progress. I think he is textbook as far as round pen, which is honing my skills as a trainer!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Challenge

Well, we made it back home around 7:00 pm Saturday and put the horses into the pens. Sunday afternoon I took mine and let him go into the round pen. He is so beautiful to watch as he lopes. I'm still trying to think of a name for him. It will come, I'm sure of it! We all took our turns working with our horses in the round pen and taking pictures. Every day, I can hardly wait to get home and "play" with him!