Monday, November 17, 2008

NOV 16 2008

Time has come to put Sadie and Apache in the pasture with all the other horses, 8 horses and 1 burro.....So Caitlyn and I put their halters on them and led them to the pasture. Once inside the gate, we took off their halters and let them go........what followed was the most beautiful sight I have seen in a long time! The two of them took off running with tails in air all around the pasture (about 15 acres) bolting here and bolting there! Of course, Red Cloud and his "brother" General Buck (we adopted those two as yearlings 3 1/2 years ago) decided the "babies" couldn't have all the fun, after all, they're still young too! So they took off jumping and bucking tails in the air....just too gorgeous for words! They had a grand time playing and exploring their new home. They settled in very quickly and began to graze with the others. Feeding time came and we fed the "big boys" first, then Horse and Bufford the burro at the gate (their usual spot), and now to call Sadie and Apache to their designated area, we put their trough next to the fence line near Horse and Bufford. (Let me explain about Horse, he and Bufford were abused and BLM asked us to rescue them, so they've been living with us since August of this year, trying to put weight on them, very, very sweet, both of them, if anyone is interested in adopting them let me know!)Well, we called Sadie and Apache so they came right away to their area and seems as though Red Cloud thought where he was supposed to eat was just a little too crowded and came over and joined Sadie and Apache! They welcomed him (never picked their heads up!) and they all ate peacefully!


Well, like everyone else, life gets in the way of blogging! But we have since put Pardon in the round pen to keep him isolated and dependant on us for everything. He still snorts when approaced but loves to eat moss from the trees! My husband says it has some type of penicillin in it??? I don't know but he sure does love it and it has to be fresh moss, nothing that's been on the ground for too long! Almost seems to be a treat for him, go figure? We put the two "babies" up in a pen in the front of the house and brought in my 4 yr old mustang Chief Red Cloud and another colt, Duke, that I have raised since he was 2 months old (he's 23 months old now). Their job is to "buddy" up with the two, Apache and Sadie so we can turn them out into the pasture to join the rest of the herd. The first week and 1/2 Red Cloud didn't want to let them join him and Duke to eat. Then they would let them join but Sadie and Apache had to stay together on "their" end of the trough! Same way with the hay rack, the yearlings had to eat on "their" side! After about 10 days, they were allowed to "join-up" and now they eat side by side and all at the same time....too amazing to watch how all that works!