Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Just a brief update on Apache......of course we have regular visits but no "work" involved. So the other day, because of Hurricane Ike and saltwater, it was time to rotate pastures and let the one they had been in "catch up". Well, all I had on me was a lead rope-no halters, but hey all the "gang" was up "talking" to me, so what better time than to make the switch....they all seemed to want to "be" with me! ha ha Well, we have 4 colts to go into that pasture and 2 are mustangs! 3 of them have had some "dealings with halter and leading". So I decided to start with my mustang Apache, I just put the lead rope around his neck (now he is not even 2 years old yet and hasn't been worked with since the competition in Sept of last year), he stood perfectly still and upon command, followed just like we had worked yesterday! Same with Sadie Mae the other mustang! I was so amazed at how much they both had remembered!! I can hardly wait now that the days are longer to get back to training him for all that he'll need to know! (and yes, the domestic horses followed as well into the other pasture!) So my real moral to this story is MUSTANGS ARE FANTASTIC HORSES!! AND VERY LOYAL!! Everyone should adopt at least ONE!!